Do Not Improvise With The Rug Cleaning

You spend a few hundred dollars on an exquisite rug, you put it in your living room for the whole world to see, and then you spill a glass of wine on it. Panic ensues! What are you going to do now?!

A surprising number of people decide to improvise with some kind of homemade recipe they have read about on the Internet. Take a piece of friendly advice from a professional cleaner who has treated rugs and carpets for twenty years – do not do it! You are more likely to cause some damage than remove the stain.

The costly and high-quality rugs are usually made of natural materials – wool, cotton, cashmere or silk. They have an entirely different thread structure from carpets and are more vulnerable to improper treatment. Furthermore, what may work on one fabric could be totally unsuitable for another. Also, you have to be very careful about the water temperature you employ, as well as the consequence of procedures.

In other words, you better leave the whole thing to a professional. Many technicians already operate with latest-generation equipment that allows them to work on site – there is no need to transport the rug and wash it elsewhere, which significantly speeds up the treatment and cuts on expenses. Besides, it is much less time and energy consuming on your part!